ClikTruk Transporter Simple App to solve complex problems

ClikTruk allows users to input demand available loads and planned loads.

  • ClikTruk Transporter App helps in Quick hire of the right vehicle from the right destination, dimensions, proximity – Better turnaround

  • On-time pick up and deliveries leading to excellent service and experience

  • Pricing Visibility helps Truck Hire cost reduction by 5-20% per hire.

  • Good rates mean good profits.

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    With ClikTruk Supplier – Single App for Brokers and Fleet Owners

    Fleet owners to maximize the utilization and return on their assets, while providing shippers/brokers with a truckload that would have otherwise gone unused. The idea of filling fleet backhauls or return trips is not a new concept, yet studies show that approximately 40-50% of trucks are empty on their return journey after making a delivery.

    • Fleet owners benefit from reduced empty miles and a new source of revenue without adding any additional resources.

    • Brokers and shippers find untapped fleet capacity, More turnaround of vehicles by Proximity/Location and Dimensions

    • In control of the entire trip – Tracking, Delivery and payments owing to full visibility

    • Placement of the right Vehicles reduces delay and loss of Business

    • Document exchanges automated reduces delay.

    • Work with Verified transporter.

    • Scalability obstacles removed as Operational efficiency increases.

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    It’s a win-win for everyone!!!